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  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
    Ambulatory Surgery Center

    The single-story, 12,467-square- foot center represents a nearly $6 million
    investment in Central Arkansas’ healthcare community. The surgery center
    will house two 450+-square- foot operating rooms and four procedure rooms.


  • MonaLisa Touch
    MonaLisa Touch
    Life-changing treatment

    MonaLisa Touch® is a fast, simple and safe laser treatment for pelvic health.
    This in-office procedure provides symptom relief after just one treatment.
    Ask if MonaLisa Touch is right for you.

  • Exclusive to Arkansas Urology
    Exclusive to Arkansas Urology
    Exclusive to Arkansas Urology
    Rapid Relief from the Symptoms of BPH. Arkansas Urology is the only clinic in
    the state performing UroLift®, the newest procedure treating BPH.
    Minimal downtime, no overnight stay and preserved sexual function.
  • Expert Skill
    Expert Skill
    Expert Skill
    Exceptional Care for Arkansans. Our dedication to technology ensures that
    your corrective treatment and recovery is faster and more comfortable
    than ever – for a speedy return to the full, satisfying lifestyle you deserve.

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November 2016

6 Things to Know About Prostate Cancer

By: Arkansas Urology

Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of deaths among men in the United States. However, a prostate cancer diagnosis doesn't have to be cause for panic. Here are six important facts to know about prostate cancer - 


1. First of all know if a loved one is diagnosed with prostate cancer, he is not alone, and this is a highly treatable cancer.

2. About one in seven men will have a prostate cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. For African-American men, the odds are slightly higher. The good news is that the five-year survival rate for prostate cancer that is caught early is 99 percent.

3. Know that there are no consistent or noticeable symptoms of prostate cancer while in the early stages. Screenings can help catch it early. Your physician can help you know when to be screened based on your risk factors.

4. Treatment can vary from a watch and see approach to surgery to radiation. Surgery consists of removing the prostate gland and possibly some of the surrounding lymph nodes. Radiation destroys prostate tissue and cancer cells in a series of forty treatments.

5. Family history can definitely play a role in developing prostate cancer. For men who have a father or brother with prostate cancer, their risk more than doubles. Also, about six in 10 cases of prostate cancer are in men 65 and older.

6. The cause for prostate cancer is unknown. Because of that, there’s really no way to prevent the disease, so there’s nothing that your husband could do or should have done differently. Just be reminded that prostate cancer is highly treatable and an elevated PSA doesn’t always mean prostate cancer.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer or needs to schedule a screening, give us a call today. We can help you through this journey from diagnosis to treatment, call 1-877-321-8452.




November 2016

AU adds chief nursing officer to management team

By: Arkansas Urology

Jason Ketcher of Little Rock has joined Arkansas Urology as its Chief Nursing Officer. In this role, he will manage all aspects of clinical operations to include strategic planning, clinic workflow, patient engagement, and quality improvement.

“The CNO guides much of the patient’s experience in our clinics,” said E. Scot Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology. “We are fortunate to have Jason serve as this liaison for our patients.”

Jason completed his post-graduate coursework in Nursing Administration and Education from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). He earned his Bachelor of Science in nursing at UAMS as well. Ketcher has been involved in numerous professional organizations such as American Assembly for Men in Nursing and American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.

Prior to joining Arkansas Urology, he has served in various leadership roles with organizations such as UAMS, Baptist Health, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, AR.

“To have someone as skilled as Jason is vital,” said Dr. Tim Langford, president of Arkansas Urology. “His experience with patients, staff, and operations will benefit our patients and our staff.”






November 2016

AU begins construction on ambulatory surgery center

By: Arkansas Urology


Arkansas Urology has begun work on a new outpatient surgery center in Little Rock. The single-story, 12,467-square- foot center represents a nearly $6 million investment by Arkansas Urology in central Arkansas’ healthcare community. The surgery center is expected to open by October 2017.

The new center will provide Arkansas Urology patients with a state-of- the-art facility equipped with the latest technology. All outpatient procedures currently being performed at Arkansas Urology will take place in the new surgery center along with various new procedures to treat BPH, overactive bladder and prostate cancer, as well as other urological conditions.

“With the surgery center being located at our central clinic campus, patients from throughout our service area will have their surgeon-physicians and their staffs readily accessible, which will increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide better patient outcomes,” said E. Scot Davis, CEO at Arkansas Urology. “This integrated approach to addressing urological issues will enhance the already exceptional service our patients have come to expect from our staff and providers.”

The new building will house two 450+-square- foot operating rooms and four procedure rooms and will be an accredited facility to ensure safety and quality standards. The building is designed to accommodate future expansions.

“The physicians of Arkansas Urology are committed to providing the latest technology and innovative processes to enhance the quality of life for our patients,” said Dr. Tim Langford, president of Arkansas Urology. “We are honored to be able to bring this state-of- the-art facility to the residents of central Arkansas and will continue our long history of exceptional care to the patients we serve.”

Johnny Kincaid of Commercial Realty Development Services LLC is providing project development services. Danny Bennett and Clark Contracting LLC are handling general construction of the building. The architect is Laura Morrison with Morrison Architecture. Dan Beranek and McClelland Consulting Engineers are handling civil engineering and landscape design. The project is being financed by Iberia Bank.




November 2016

Questions To Ask When You Have Cancer

By: Arkansas Urology

"You have cancer." These are words that no one wants to hear. The feelings that result from a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and unfamiliar. Amongst all these feelings is typically a whirlwind of questions. It is important to speak openly and honestly with your doctor.

Regardless of the type of cancer, there are facts that you need to know and questions that you need to be sure to ask. Start with the basics. Make sure you know some of the most important details about what type of cancer, where and what stage of cancer. Many times technical terms and phrases that may not mean much to you, but having your personal diagnosis put into plain terms can help more than you might expect.

While you doctor will tell you the recommended treatment, you should also know the goal of treatment. Your treatment strategy will involve a combination of symptom treatment and a cure, and you will want to be able to distinguish them. Ask how your treatment will affect your day-to- day life. Will you need to make diet or lifestyle changes?

The question that might come first to your mind is about the future. What is the prognosis or the potential outcome of this diagnosis? Your doctor will be realistic with you about what expectations you should have about your treatment and its effectiveness.

Finally, the most helpful question you could ask is how you will be able to communicate with your treatment team in the future. Keeping an open line of communication will only help your treatment plan as you move forward.

If you have  any questions or need to consult with a physician, please give us a call at 1-877-321-8452.


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Kickoff to Men's Health

Arkansas Urology and Epoch Men’s Health observe National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month each September by offering men a free and complete health screening.

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