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    MonaLisa Touch
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    MonaLisa Touch® is a fast, simple and safe laser treatment for pelvic health.
    This in-office procedure provides symptom relief after just one treatment.
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  • Exclusive to Arkansas Urology
    Exclusive to Arkansas Urology
    Exclusive to Arkansas Urology
    Rapid Relief from the Symptoms of BPH. Arkansas Urology is the only clinic in
    Central Arkansas performing UroLift®, the newest procedure treating BPH.
    Minimal downtime, no overnight stay and preserved sexual function.
  • Expert Skill
    Expert Skill
    Expert Skill
    Exceptional Care for Arkansans. Our dedication to technology ensures that
    your corrective treatment and recovery is faster and more comfortable
    than ever – for a speedy return to the full, satisfying lifestyle you deserve.

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Urological Issues

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August 2018

What Causes UTI's?

By: Arkansas Urology

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the second most common type of infection and account for over eight million doctor visits every year. Most people have experienced the terrible burning feeling and the relentless urge to pee. So how can you avoid getting another UTI?

Urine is actually very sterile but the tube called the urethra that allows urine to exit can also allow bacteria to enter and invade the bladder. One of the simplest ways to avoid a urinary tract infection is – if you have to go - GO! Holding urine for long periods of time allows any bacteria in the bladder a chance to grow. Drink a lot of water especially in the summer to help flush out the urinary tract system.

Women are more likely to contract a urinary tract infection because they have shorter urethras which allow bacteria quick access to the bladder. You can introduce bacteria while using the restroom or having sex. Always wipe from front to back after using the bathroom; keep the bladder empty and the area clean. Some simple things you can do to help prevent UTIs include wearing cotton underwear and drinking cranberry juice.

Kidney stones can also be a culprit because they can block the urinary tract and back up the urine and give bacteria plenty of time to grow. Diabetes can also increase your odds of contracting a UTI.

One in two people will get a urinary tract infection at some point, so remember if you are experiencing UTI symptoms such as painful and frequent urination, cloudy or smelly urine and fever, you need to contact your doctor. And if you need to go – GO!





July 2018

Fact or Fiction: Should You Pee on a Jellyfish Sting?

By: Arkansas Urology


Jellyfish appear as a smooth, translucent bell in the ocean waters and are often seen on the beach shoreline. They are fun to watch and may appear harmless at first. However, when our skin comes in contact with the jellyfish’s tentacles – the pain is instant! Angry, red, whip-like lash marks radiate from the sting site and it starts to itch, burn and throb. Thankfully, the discomfort will peak after about five minutes and dissipate over the next few hours.

So what do you do if you or a family member has an encounter with one of these translucent, bulbous creatures? Don’t pee on it! Experts suggest that urine may even worsen the sting.

The recommended treatment is to immediately get out of the water and remove any tentacles. Use something such as a credit card to brush them off or lightly rub sand over the site. Do not scratch the stung area because the remaining stinging cells will fire and release even more venom. After you remove the tentacles, treat the pain by immersing it in hot water for at least twenty minutes.

Jellyfish stings can spoil an afternoon at the beach, so always keep your eyes open. If you see dead jellyfish on the shoreline beware they will be present in the water also. Although most jellyfish found along our beaches are not dangerous to people, if you are traveling to other countries be cautious as some species of jellyfish are extremely toxic. If the person shows signs of a severe allergic reaction, always seek immediate medical attention.

The jellyfish sting is so painful you will be anxious to find relief but urine is not your answer. It is a medical myth!




July 2018

Arkansas Urology Hires Manager of Nursing

By: Arkansas Urology


LITTLE ROCK (July 5, 2018) Jennifer Holcomb of Pine Bluff has joined Arkansas Urology as its Manager of Nursing. In this role, she will serve as a resource for all of Arkansas Urology’s clinical operations, playing a key role in enforcing clinical policy and protocols, clinical staffing, workflow standardization, and addressing clinical advocacy concerns.

“We are proud and excited to have Jennifer join our team here at Arkansas Urology,” said E. Scot Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology. “Jennifer’s academic background, combined with her previous leadership responsibilities make her a unique fit for this position. The manager of nursing guides much of the patient’s experience in our clinics, and we are fortunate to have Jennifer serve as this liaison for our patients.”

Jennifer completed both her Master’s of Nursing Science, and Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. She previously earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing at Phillips Community College in Helena, Ar. Jennifer holds professional memberships with the National League for Nursing, and the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing.

Prior to joining Arkansas Urology, Jennifer served as the Dean of Nursing and Allied Health for Southeast Arkansas College at Pine Bluff. She also served as an Instructor and Clinical Coordinator before serving as Dean. Within this role she was responsible for supervision and coordination of the Nursing and Allied Health programs, along with serving as the liaison for these programs to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Executive Cabinet of the college. Jennifer also served as a clinical and nursing Instructor for Phillips Community College in Helena, Ar.

“Jennifer will be an excellent addition,” said Dr. Tim Langford, president of Arkansas Urology. “Here at Arkansas Urology, we continue to expand our team with qualified healthcare professionals who demonstrate the level of compassion, skill, and expertise our patients expect from our clinics, and Jennifer is no exception.”




July 2018

Arkansas Urology Hires Manager of Radiology

By: Arkansas Urology

LITTLE ROCK (July 5, 2018) Judy Shook of Jacksonville has joined Arkansas Urology as its Manager of Radiology. In this role, she will oversee the overall radiology operations across all Arkansas Urology locations to include radiology templates, employee schedules, ACR and State Health Accreditation, policy and protocols, along with overseeing all radiology department employees.

“Judy will be an excellent addition to our team of healthcare professionals,” said E. Scot Davis, CEO of Arkansas Urology. “Judy comes from extensive experience within various aspects of radiology, and we are excited to have her skillset in action here at Arkansas Urology.”

Judy completed her Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Judy holds professional certifications and licenses in both American Academy of Radiologic Technologists and ADH.

Prior to joining Arkansas Urology, Judy served as a Radiology Technologist for the Urgent Team in Nashville, Tennessee where she performed all radiology procedures, including triaging patients to appropriate pathways and utilizing PACs. Judy also served as the Medical Imaging Chief Technologist for North Metro Medical Center in Jacksonville, Arkansas. Within this role she oversaw daily workflow operations of medical imaging departments including employee management, enforcing state regulations, policy and procedure review, patient customer service, and data analysis.

“We are grateful to have Judy as a member of our team,” said Dr. Tim Langford, president of Arkansas Urology. “Her professional background in both radiology and leadership make her a tremendous addition to our skilled team of patient care providers.”


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