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February 2015

Free 100% Men's Health Screening

By: Arkansas Urology


Do you want to be more focused at work and at home? Feel more energized and enthused? Epoch can help!

Epoch Men’s Health clinics are offering free, fully comprehensive Men’s Health Screenings. Call 1-844-GoEPOCH (1-844-463-7624) today to set up your free screening and experience men’s healthcare the Epoch way – that’s the right way of getting your body healthy. 

The free 100% Men’s Health Screening is an integral part of Epoch’s mission to keep men healthy. Screening takes about two minutes and is as simple as the prick of a needle. Consumption of food and/or beverages does not impact screening results. The screening includes:

  • PSA
  • Total Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone
  • TSH
  • CBC
  • CMP

Our lab also analyzes men’s bodies for other potential problems:

  • Heart
  • Blood Pressure
  • LH
  • FSH
  • Metabolism (including diabetes)
  • Vitamin and Nutrient Levels (including iron, B-12 and D)
  • Hormones (including testosterone, estrogen, thyroid function and prolactin)
  • Potential Internal Bleeding
  • And much more.

We’ll use these screening and lab results to determine if you have any testosterone deficiencies. We’ll also discuss how you’re feeling and what symptoms – such as low energy, exhaustion, weight gain, sadness, forgetfulness, and hair loss – you might be experiencing. Your test results and symptoms could indicate
Low T or they may show that you’re suffering from a different condition altogether. Either way, our goal is to get to the root of your problem, create a treatment plan tailored to you, get you feeling great and help you experience the best possible quality of life.

Owned and operated by the physicians at Arkansas Urology, Epoch Men’s Health is a healthcare experience unlike any other in Arkansas. Our clinic environment is relaxed and professional, with men squarely in mind, intended to energize and inspire. And we’re conveniently located throughout central Arkansas – in Little Rock on South Bowman Road, in North Little Rock on East McCain Boulevard, in Conway on Exchange Avenue, and in Benton on Medical Park Drive.

Epoch Men’s Health isn’t another shot-box, Low T store; it’s real medicine. Check out to get the facts. And the call 1-844-GoEPOCH toll-free to set up your free, no obligation 100% Men’s Health Screening. Experience real men’s healthcare, the Epoch way.

Together, we are Epoch Health. Men’s Healthcare. Evolved.