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The strength and history of innovation at Arkansas Urology stems from a patient-focused philosophy and a dedication to the most advanced technology.

Men's Health

Have you experienced, fatigue, muscle loss, mood changes or low sex drive? You don’t have to live with these symptoms. At Arkansas Urology, we are here to help men live better, healthier, more productive lives.

Arkansas Urology has opened the first Arkansas Urology Men’s Health Clinic to provide testosterone therapy and an expanded comprehensive men’s health service offering.

It's so much more than just low T. We are committed to an expanded suite of comprehensive programs focused on men’s health issues, such as voiding dysfunction, enlarged prostates, sexual health and genitourinary cancers such as kidney, prostate, testicular and bladder cancer.

We know how important routine checkups are, but we also know how many men put their health on the back burner and ignore their symptoms. That’s why we offer a free 10-point men’s checkup. Screening tests performed at these checkups help your doctor detect diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even some cancers in their early stages when they are more easily treatable, which is a critical factor in helping men stay healthy.


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Our tests screen men for the following:

  • Hormone Levels 
  • Prostate Cancer 
  • Bladder Cancer 
  • Kidney Functions
  • Liver Functions
  • Electrolytes
  • Energy Levels
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Voiding Problems
  • Sexual Issues  


Learn more about the Free 10-point Men’s Checkup here and see our FAQ on men’s health. Schedule your free screening online or by calling 501-246-3423.


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See our questionnaires as part of the 10 pt. screening:


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