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Arkansas Urology is proud to offer the InterStim System by Medtronic as a solution for overactive bladder.Some people do not benefit from or cannot tolerate behavior modification or medications for OAB. For these people, sacral nerve stimulation with InterStim is an available treatment option.

Relief therapies exist. If you have been looking for alleviation from overactive bladder, Arkansas Urology can help. Your quality of life doesn’t have to change – you don’t have to accept overactive bladder as a normal part of life.

This breakthrough treatment targets the sacral nerves to restore bladder function. During the procedure, a neurostimulator device is inserted under the skin near a nerve that affects bladder function, and then sends electrical pulses to the sacral nerve. The sacral nerve affects bladder control muscles, and stimulation of this nerve can help improve overactive bladder. When these nerves do not communicate correctly, the nerves cannot communicate with the bladder.

Benefits of Interstim works by singling out the nerves that help you control bladder function and targeting them with the treatment. After the device is implanted, it can run between 5 - 10 years.

Benefits of Interstim:

  • 85% of patients undergoing this theraphy experienced relief in the first year
  • More than 225,000 people have undergone this FDA-approved and minimally invasive treatement
  • Three times greater improvements in quality of life

You may be a potential candidate for the InterStim system if:

  • You have significant OAB symptoms or non-obstructive urinary retention
  • Behavior modification or medications aren’t helping you

We can see if InterStim will work for you by having an in-office test run. That’s right – you can try it out. No commitments. This allows you test out the treatment while tracking your sypmtoms to see if this treatment will be an effective remedy for you. If after your trial run you decide that this treatment isn’t for you, you figured that out instead of becoming committed to it.

To learn more about InterStim, visit Medtronic.com.


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